When you’re planning a visit to Costa Maya, chances are you keep envisioning our beautiful turquoise waters. Our area is renowned for our beautiful beaches and gorgeous water — so wouldn’t it be a waste to visit and not get to fully enjoy it? One of the best ways to enjoy the waters of Costa Maya is with a swim and snorkel tour. Below are five reasons you should definitely consider booking one.


One very big reason to consider booking a swim and snorkel tour is transportation. You’re going to have to book a boat to take you out to where you want to swim or snorkel anyway; why not make a package deal of it and get a tour guide as well? In some cases, booking a tour even means transportation will be provided from your hotel room or cruise ship to the destination you’ll be swimming or snorkeling at.

The Best Destinations

Our tour guides at Chunky Monkey know the absolute best places to go snorkeling. We can show you the Great Mayan Reef, which is the second-longest barrier reef in the world, and we know where best to start your snorkeling trip based on what you hope to do and see. We also know the best places to snorkel away from boating traffic, so you can experience the beautiful Costa Maya waters the way they should be — calm and pristine.


Another important aspect of any water excursion must always be safety. Even if you are an experienced swimmer or snorkeler, having a professional guide along with you is another measure of safety that cannot be discounted. Our guides are locals, so they know when and where riptides tend to occur, the local weather patterns, and much more that can be used to keep you and your party safe.

Marine Wildlife Knowledge

Many people decide to go swimming or snorkeling because they have a deep love of the flora and fauna we have here in the waters of Costa Maya. If you are a lover of marine wildlife, there is no shortage of amazing creatures for you to see and appreciate off the coast here.

One of the greatest benefits of booking a swim and snorkel tour with an experienced guide is you don’t just get someone to show you where to swim — you get the full benefit of their knowledge and expertise for the full time of your tour. That includes all of their knowledge about local wildlife, from identifying the creatures you see to telling you the best places to go to see the things you’re hoping to spot.

Tips and Tricks

Another great reason to book a swim and snorkel tour is all of the little bits of knowledge you will learn from your guide along the way. Whether it’s a new tip on how to get the most out of your snorkeling equipment, a restaurant recommendation, or a correction on how to pronounce that one Spanish word you can’t quite seem to master, tour guides are a wealth of knowledge that can enhance and enrich your vacation experience in Costa Maya.

When you book a tour with Chunky Monkey Tours, you are working with a family-owned business, not a huge corporation that trains tour guides by the dozens. Because of that, you can be sure you’re going to get the kind of one-on-one attention you deserve, including all of our local knowledge at your disposal.

Swim with the Sea Turtles

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If you’re considering booking a swim and snorkel tour in Costa Maya, look no further than family-owned and operated Chunky Monkey Tours. Our snorkeling tour includes all equipment, a life jacket, drinks, and a professional guide who will be in the water with you at all times.

Come experience the huge variety of aquatic life our shores have to offer, including sea turtles, a whole rainbow of fish, and the second largest barrier reef in the world. We provide a safety briefing before we set out from Mahahual Beach, so even if you’re a beginner at snorkeling you can be confident when we get out in the water. To learn more about our swim and snorkeling tours, call or email Chunky Monkey Tours today!