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Bacalar Lagoon Tours -
Explore The Lagoon Of 7 Colors

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There are few destinations travelers could want to see more. Perhaps it’s due to those amazing shades of blue you will spot in this lake.

Or, it might be because of the beautiful lagoon that stays in your mind once you visit this exceptional area.

Here’s a guide to living the adventure of exploring one of Costa Maya’s most breathtaking spots. You will find out how to book a guided tour, where the tour guide will be the one to help you uncover the secrets and beauty of this region.

The 7 Colors Lagoon

The Bacalar lagoon is located on the east coast of the Yukatan Peninsula of Mexico. The waters of this lagoon are so clear you will be able to notice all the details of the life underneath.

Full of cenote cocalitos, this lake is also called a 7 Colors lagoon (originally, this is what the Mayans called it).

Why? Just take a look at those crystal clear waters and you will notice that the Bacalar lagoon proudly presents itself with a wide variety of different shades of blue: from deep sea indigo to the violet that resembles a sunset.

The Secret Inhabitants Of Bacalar Lagoon

This Costa Maya lake is widely inhabited by millions of oligotrophic microorganisms. The lagoon also contains some of the oldest forms of life, like stromatolites.

The Secret Of Stromatolites

Also called stromatoliths, these are formations created by photosynthetic microorganisms and the adhesive compounds they produce are well-known for cementing sands and other rock materials.

Interestingly, the other place where you can spot them is Australia.

How To Explore This One Of The Most Beautiful Places In The World?

If you’re planning a trip to this Costa Mayan gem, there’s a cruise port where you can hire a guide and explore the Seven Colors Lagoon in its entirety.

A boat tour is a great option if you want to see the transparent, magical waters of the Bacalar lagoon in detail.

You could always hire a knowledgeable tour guide who would add a punch to your excursion, making your private trip an unforgettable one.

Besides, they are always very helpful and open to your requests.

The free cancellation policy makes it even more hassle-free, as you know that you are not bound by any commitments and you would get a full refund.

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The Channel That Once Knew Some Pirates

One of the most amazing highlights of every excursion to Costa Maya should be the Pirates Channel.

This channel links the Bacalar lagoon and the Mariscal lagoon.
Perhaps you have read that this channel helped to establish a commercial exchange, and the likes of Francis Drake exploited the wood materials available in the vicinity.

Bacalar — One Of The Pueblos Magicos

Each year, Mexico awards various destination towns and places with their title of a Pueblo Magico (“a magic town” in Spanish). The town of Bacalar managed to get into this prestigious list.

The Open Sky Cenote

Without a doubt, the Cenote Cocalitos contributed to this fact a lot. It is really amazing to be able to admire the stromatolites inside, as you can feel so close to nature and to history at once, just by looking at them.

Book A Bacalar Lagoon Tour

Perhaps you are visiting the review pages and reading the reviews to find out whether this lagoon excursion is something for you.

With a full refund and free cancellation policy, we are fully convinced you will enjoy your hours with us and soon you will be the next person to have fun with us, rating your experience with 5 stars.

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Here we list answers to the most popular questions about Bacalar Lagoon Tour.

The city of Bacalar and the amenities nearby are not crowded, and it’s hard to call this area a touristy one.

If you want to fully experience this place, we recommend at least three days, so you could divide your time between the lagoon and other highlights of Costa Maya.

The Bacalar Lagoon is located nearly 200 km away from Tulum. It should take you approximately 3 hours to get there from one point to another.

Yes, the Bacalar Lagoon tour includes a boat trip, and it might take even up to 5 hours.

If you want to swim in the Bacalar lagoon, it is a great idea. After the swim, you won’t feel the salt in your hair, yet you should remember about some things.

For instance, if you used some sunscreen, remember to take a shower prior to your bath. Why? The chemicals in your sunscreen can be really harmful to the fauna of this Costa Maya lagoon.

Yes, a raft excursion is available to the tourists who visit the Bacalar Lagoon. In fact, it is one of the best possible ways to enjoy the beauty of transparent waters of the 7 Colors Lagoon.

Yes, you can live an adventure of exploring the Bacalar Lagoon from the Costa Maya port with a cruise ship.

The excursion includes various highlights, and during the trip you will be able to have lunch at a restaurant, trying local food. You will also get a bottled water.

This island is full of natural attractions. You will see some birds there, like owls, parrots, mockingbirds, or sparrowhawks. It is a place where nature tourism still thrives, and you will get there by boat or by cruise ship from a cruise port. This gives you another chance to admire the beauty of this lagoon of Costa Maya.


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Great spot off the beaten path. Reasonably priced drinks and food. The beach is great and there is good snorkeling from there.

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Without a doubt the best spot in Mahahual to spend a day at the beach. Great people, great nachos and a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere away from all the hassle, just a few minutes away from the main boulevard. Also, one of the few places to enjoy the sun in the early evening as there are no large buildings blocking it.

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