So, it’s your first time visiting the port of Costa Maya, Mexico and now you’re wondering what to do first or what you have to see before leaving.

Let’s start with a quick geography lesson: Where is Costa Maya, Mexico? It is located on the south end of Mexico, on the East side of the country, and right off of the Caribbean Ocean.

Costa Maya is the largest port in the Caribbean Ocean and was built by the government back in 2001. Costa Maya was the first manufactured” cruise port in the Caribbean, but the infrastructure didn’t last too long. In 2007, Hurricane Dean had a devastating impact in the area and the Costa Maya cruise port was closed for a little over a year. Finally, Costa Maya reopened and the port complex has been growing ever since.

Now, once you’ve arrived at the port, what are you going to do?

If you want to see a great part of Mexico then you came to the right place. Just outside the port of Costa Maya is a sleepy little fishing village that’s called Mahahual that has grown over the years to be a great place to spend the day if you prefer a scenic, peaceful time fishing with friends or loved ones in your group.

There are some great Mayan Ruins about 45 minutes away called the Chacchoben Ruin. This is a great way to spend a day whether you’re a history buff or just curious to see & experience something completely breathtaking. The Chacchoben Ruins are also still somewhat new as they were only discovered back in 1942. These ruins were once a mighty city used on and off from 1000Bc until 1000 AD. It lay dormant for nearly 1000 years and was found by a farmer who had been searching for good land in 1942. It was not until 1972 when archeologist began exploring the ruins and had it listed with the Mexican Government. Then finally opened to the public in 2002.

Costa Maya Chacchoben Ruin

This tour cost around $57.00 per person and will take around 4 hours to see it all but it is well worth the time.

After you’ve gone on a fishing trip or toured the Chacchoben Ruins, the Chunky Monkey Beach Club is the perfect spot to unwind and recharge. Chunky Monkey’s own beach club is also one of Costa Maya’s premiere destinations for rest & relaxation in the area. From unbelievable views to plenty of poolside lounging area, the Beach Club is a great place to unwind after a busy day or recharge as you get ready for a night of fun out in the area. Fernando at the bar can get you set up with Costa Maya’s best margarita or you can enjoy a number of entrees made with local, freshly caught fish. We can guarantee you’ve never had a grilled fresh sea bass quite like this before.

If you’re looking at exploring Costa Maya in 2023, Chunky Monkey Tours will make sure that we take you through all the sites & sounds of the area with an experienced, knowledgeable, & local tour guide. Make the most of your time at Costa Maya and book a tour or an experience with us today.