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Mexico Bike Tours

Electric bikes are one of those innovations that make cycling finally accessible to different types of people.

For the low cost of just $45 you can rent an e-bike for the whole day. Now you can see all of Costa Maya and Mahahaul. Stop at the best shops and restaurants. This is by far one of the easiest ways to get around. 

While traditional cycling might feel quite demanding, e-bikes are different. Say ‘Goodbye’ to the times when your fit friend left you in their dust. Now, with the invention of an electric bike, you can focus on celebrating your time out as these bikes can go 15 to 20 miles and hour.

If you ever thought about embarking on an e-bike tour in Mexico, don’t overthink it. Spend your day with your friends cruising around and enjoying the scenery.

What are electric bikes?

Obviously, there is no need to introduce you to a bike. Cycling is one of the best ways to move. It is also a great method when it comes to exercise to lose weight or get in shape.

Bike tours are great because they allow the riders to visit different destinations and admire locations they are passing by. As not trip is the same, an electric bike is the best way to explore the world around.

Ride a bike, again!

For many people, cycling is as natural as breathing, yet still there are some others who simply can’t enjoy traditional biking.

Until quite recently, those who couldn’t spend their day pedaling, or those who needed some assistance, had to give up on biking. Now, the hills are not so scary and even those who have limited ability are doing fine. This is why nowadawys an ebike became a great medium of transport.

How does an electric bike work?

To be clear — an electric bike is not a motor bike. The power is supplied on demand, and it comes from removable batteries. Typically they give you the opportunity to ride for 50 miles.

The Green Bike

The difference between an e-bike and a motor bike is that an electric bike only supports your ride, as your bicycle gets a power boost only when it feels you need its support.

Also, if you’re pedaling with power, the energy is not used so, depending on your level of fitness, you can make your trips even longer without charging the battery.

Last but not least, e-bikes provide you with a pedal assist, but still, you need some preparation to sit on the saddle.

Depending on the terrain the motor will automatically shut down. This bike weighs about 50 pounds.


Why should you decide on an e-bike tour?

There are many reasons why travelers benefit from e-bike tours.
To name a few:

  • bike tours, regardless of the type of your bicycle, are good for health;
  • e-bikes make electric bike tours more accessible;
  • you have additional energy support but you use green energy, so you’re a responsible user who doesn’t harm the environment.You can explore a city or a country landscape, just like you did with traditional bikes, yet with an electric bike, it’s just more comfortable and accessible.

However, most of all, e-bike tours are a great way to discover the world around you.

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Quintana Roo Bike Tours

Spend your vacation exploring the natural, often uncovered scenery of Mexico and, particularly, Quintana Boo.

Mexican food is well known for its originality and tasteful meals.

Who can take part in our adventure?

To take part in one of our tours, travelers need to be at least 8 years old. This will make you sure that it’s a great adventure for your family.

Additionally, to ride with us, you need some physical fitness. We don’t go for any extreme fitness but you need to know how to ride a bike. In other words, you have to be fit enough so you don’t worry about any additional problems.

Otherwise, you can just focus on memorizing these wonderful pictures you notice thanks to the travel you started.

National gems discovered with the help of e-bike tours

When you decide to start a tour with the help of an e-bike, you can learn a lot about the history behind many destinations, like Tulum, or Playa del Carmen.

Electric bikes tours available in Mexico

Chunky Monkey is delighted to let you know that we are gradually expanding our bike tour offers and we are happy to recommend you a route you won’t forget.

Enjoy local food and attractions

Throughout, you can stop by to have fun at vineyards, or just to have something tasty, as local food is exceptional. Just take a look at any menu and you will find out why.

When you spend an hour or two resting, then it’s time to conquer the next hills. Sometimes you can also visit a park where you can admire the natural landscape around.

Join us on this adventure

E-bike tours give you the opportunity to organize a group or a family excursion, but you can also ride any hill on your own.

Give us a call and learn more about the different options we have for our riders. Travel one of the world’s most beautiful regions. It’s a great way to stay active and enjoy a range of experiences.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by email, and leave your first name and last name to book a tour.

Chichen Itza is one of the destinations you should include in your travel plan.

Our Exclusive SELECTION OF BIKE Tours

We’re excited to share this hand-picked selection of high-quality bike tours to show you some of the very best that Mexico has to offer.
Feel free to book online below and contact us with questions or booking inquiries.

What to Bring?

We recommend that you bring insect repellent and sunscreen.

What’s Included

  • Round trip transportation
  • English speaking guide
  • Entrance fees to Chacchoben
  • Tickets to the ruins site
  • Guided tour
  • Bottled water
  • Visit to the Chunky Monkey Beach Club
  • Lunch & open bar

Not Included

  • Gratuities for guides/drivers

Need to know

We accept up to two infants free of charge per family, child rate will apply beyond that. Max of 14 people per trip.

Transfer time to the ruins is approximately one hour. There is a government tax of $5-8 US for the use of video cameras at the site. No tripods and/or professional video cameras are allowed.

Erik K.

Costa Maya has some great opportunities to explore Mayan ruins, along with other nice excursions on boat or four wheeler. If beaches are your thing there is a nice tourist beach at the port, and a nice local beach in town... Beautiful waters and extremely friendly people.

Spencer B.

Awesome, not for theme park that the cruise companies built, but for the amazing culture behind the front! If you're taking a trip here, absolutely visit the nearby ruins with a knowledgeable guide.

Michael A.

Fernando is a great guide. We had an awesome time. The ruins are incredible. Then he took us back to Chunky Monkey where we had a great lunch. The chef there is amazing. The view is absolutely stunning.


Here’s a few popular questions and answers related to our bike tours and rental.

Riding the tollway is actually safer because there is little traffic and lots to ride around. The problem is this road skips almost any city so you can be anywhere on the earth without missing out on real Mexican flavors. Highway driving has some risks for Mexicans.

It can take almost 2,500 kilometers to travel in and around the capital of Mexico. Mexico has 8.9 million inhabitants covering 570.3 square miles of space. Mexico city is 18% bigger in landmass than the city in population and 77% larger.

Mexico is considered a very good destination for cycling according to some cyclists. The cuisine is exquisite, with friendly people, the natural beauty and a multitude of paths. You can cycle nearly 3,500 miles from south to the north.

Mexico City has around 150km of bike paths which enable you to navigate through traffic crowded streets. The bike lane allows the visitor to easily get around the historic center and neighborhoods around Reforma Avenue.

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