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Costa Maya Bike Rental Tours

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About Chunky Monkey Bike Rentals

Chunky Monkey is one of the best tour agencies in Costa Maya because we are local, personal and genuinely want you to have a great time. Because of that, we provide amazing cruise ship excursions at an excellent price for all our clients. We aim to make you feel like you are joining our family on all our tours.

Many people visit through the Costa Maya Cruise Port every year, making it one of the most popular Mexican tourist spots. We offer numerous fun tours for you and the whole family. The world is at your fingertips in Costa Maya, whether you want to ride bikes, visit the Mayan ruins, go fishing, snorkeling, or just walk on the beach!

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The best cruise ship excursion

Costa Maya bike rentals are more than just your average bike rental; we offer a tour with it! On our tours, you will have a guide, transportation, tickets to the Mayan ruins, water, and lunch with an open bar! With all of these fantastic perks, this tour is a great deal. Since we are a family-orientated agency, we would love for you to come with your whole family.

If you’d instead do your own thing, you can opt just to do a bike rental and look around yourself. There are numerous stunning beaches in the Caribbean region that you can explore, or you can visit the ruins! Travelers that rent a bike can also ride it around the shore or on the Costa Maya port and look at the shops and restaurants.

You will also get a helmet and a free drink and food (salsa and chips) at our Chunky Monkey Beach Club by doing a bike rental. For hours of fun and the experience of a lifetime, consider getting a bike rental or booking our bike tours!

Experience Costa Maya by electric bike

Our bike tours are the best in Quintana Roo and Costa Maya! On our trips, you will see the Chacchoben ruins and look at the surrounding area with an informational guide. You will learn about the Mayan people’s history in Mexico and see the awesome views. Our bike tour packages include your entrance fees and a ticket to the site.

At the Mahahual ruins, there is a fee if you’d like to take a photo with your group or of the scenery. We will provide transportation from the Costa Maya port to the site and from the site to our Beach Club with lunch and an open bar for a fun drink.

Guidelines for Costa Maya bike rental and bike tours

In order to rent a bike or book a tour, you will have to follow a few guidelines and keep some things in mind. We ask that you already have prior knowledge of riding a bike before coming because we will not be able to teach you on the spot. The minimum height requirement is 5 foot, and the maximum weight limit is 265 pounds (120 kg). Our electric bikes are not suited for expecting mothers or anyone with back, neck, or respiratory problems. This is to ensure that the bike works properly and so that you can be safe and enjoy your time on the bike.

Electric bike rental


$55 USD $45 USD

  • 6 Hour rental
  • Everyone
  • Free Cancellations
  • Min 8 years old
  • Active

Ride an Ebike in Mahahual, Mexico!

Have fun on our new, easy-to-use electric bikes, also known as ebikes, with specialized, wide wheels that handle well through both sandy and bumpy roads.

Riding an electric bike is probably something you’ve never experienced before! Dirt roads, sandy trails and a beautiful soft-sand beach beside the glistening Caribbean are all part of the picturesque ride on our electric bike trip around our village of Mahahual.

Enjoy a Relaxing Biking Experience

Biking is an exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors in any setting. Depending on the terrain, biking can also be quite physically taxing. In a region as beautiful as Mahahual, working too hard on your standard mountain bike can divert your attention away from some truly amazing landscapes. With a specially designed electric motor, the ebike does all the work for you when the terrain gets tough! Mahahual has never been easier to see and explore.

Should you decide to do some pedaling of your own during your biking excursion, you’ll be happy to know that our ebikes are equipped with specialized wide wheels that make it easy to traverse sandy and bumpy terrain.

The Best Electric Bike Mexico Has to Offer

When it comes to biking, Mahahual is an excellent place to ride. Whether you’re a brand-new beginner or a seasoned rider, this region of Mexico has something for you. If you’re in search of a more laid-back approach for your bike ride is an excellent choice.

Our electric bikes allow you to do only as much pedaling as you want to so you can take in this picturesque Caribbean Ocean on your bike ride at your own pace.

Finish your adventure in an exclusive location with an incredible ocean view, enjoying the most delicious Mexican food for lunch, plus beer and tasting some incredible tequila. Is any better way to spend a day in Chunky Monkey Beach Club!

What's included in this tour?

  • Rad Power Electric Fat Bikes
  • Helmets
  • One free drink of your choice and chips and salsa at Chunky Monkey Beach Club

What do you need to know before you book

  • Minimum age: 8 years old
  • Minimum: 5 ft (1.5 m)
  • Maximum weight: 265 lbs (120 kg)
  • Guests must be fully mobile and in the good physical condition and must know how to ride a bike
  • Not suitable for expectant mothers and guests with back, neck, or respiratory problems
  • COVID-19 protocols are implemented to ensure the safety of all our guests

What to bring

  • Cool, comfortable clothing and a light sweater (winter months)
  • Biodegradable Sunscreen
  • Tennis or hiking shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Biodegradable repellant


What is an electric bike tour?

An electric bike tour is a guided tour by bike. It’s a more accessible option for people who can’t walk far distances or people who just don’t want to have to walk around everywhere. Your guide will lead the tour of fourteen people while giving information about the site around you and taking you to the best spots. We provide the bikes and many other amenities, so once you get here, you don’t have to worry about any of the planning or buying pricey Mayan ruins tickets.

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Do you need to know how to ride a bike to go on a bike tour?

It’s generally best to know how to ride a regular bike or at least know how to balance on one before attempting to ride an electric bike. To ensure your safety and enjoyment, we would suggest that you know how to ride a bike before going on our biking tours or renting a bike. If you live in a city with electric bike rentals, you can always try riding one around before heading to Costa Maya and going on our tour.

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What are the best things to do in Costa Maya, Mexico?

When taking a cruise ship to Costa Maya, most travelers are wondering what to do on their trip. Many people actually have not heard about Costa Maya, although it is a popular tourist spot. This makes it a great place to vacation or take a cruise to. Almost all cruise companies offer day and night excursions to the Mayan ruins, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

While some would love to do those things, others may prefer to eat good food and get something to drink while spending some time relaxing on the beaches or floating in the ocean. Here at Chunky Monkey, we provide all of these things and more! Whether you’d like to see everything you can or just relax, we offer many different tours and have multiple places you can sit down and take a load off. You can save money and enjoy a great day on the Costa Maya port!

What is the cancellation policy?

Most agencies offer a no port, no pay policy. If you believe your cruise ship isn’t going to port on time, please call in advance and let us know so we can make adjustments for you. To cancel your booking, we ask that you do it more than 24 hours prior to the starting date. You will not be refunded when cancellations are canceled after a minimum of 24 hours. Changing the schedule within 24 hours will not be accepted. These events require good weather; if it is canceled due to bad weather, you can choose another day or have a free refund.

After your bike ride

With our bike rental and bike tour, we offer perks at the Chunky Monkey Beach Club. If you rent an e-bike with us, you can have a free drink, chips, and salsa on us. Feel free to look over our menu and order more food! If you go on our bike tours, then you will be able to have free lunch and access to an open bar. Here, you can relax, unwind, and refill your energy after a long day of fun activities. If you’d like to reserve a table with us, contact us and call us in advance.

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