There is so much to see and do in Costa Maya that it can be easy to become overwhelmed by all of the options. There are pristine beaches to enjoy, fun towns to explore, and ancient Mayan ruins to learn about — and that’s just scratching the surface of what’s available! With so much to do, you could easily miss some of the most important things — like taking the time to relax and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.

One of the most beautiful sights Costa Maya has to offer is Bacalar Lagoon, also known as The Lagoon of Seven Colors. This beautiful lagoon is known for its striking colors and impressive clarity, and it’s a must-see for anyone visiting the area.

Unique Geography

What makes Bacalar Lagoon so unique is the geography that provides it with its intense colors. A large part of why the water is so clear is the bottom of the lagoon is made of white limestone. The lake is created by being fed by underground rivers through the porous limestone, as well as an underground river that flows through the world’s largest tunnel system along the coast nearby. All of this combines to create a view the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

Water Activities

If you’re looking for a relaxing place to enjoy the water, Bacalar Lagoon is the place to be. Boat and raft tours are available, with personal tour guides who know all the best local information and can answer any questions you might have. You can easily spend hours out on the water, even enjoying the sunset over the crystal-clear lagoon.

For those who enjoy swimming, Bacalar Lagoon is a haven of calm waters. We do ask that you wash off any sunscreen before getting in the water, as the chemicals can upset the delicate ecosystem here, but you are free to swim in the lagoon. Your guide can show you the best swimming areas, away from the boat traffic, so you can enjoy your time in the water.

Bird Island

For those who love wildlife, Bacalar Lagoon has plenty to offer, but perhaps nowhere more so than Isla de los Pajaros, or the Island of the Birds. The Island of the birds is a bird sanctuary full of a wide variety of wild birds such as sparrowhawks, parrots, larks, mockingbirds, herons, and owls.

When you visit Bird Island, it is important to pay attention both to your surroundings and the signage in the area, as preserving these birds’ natural habitat must always be a top priority. However, as long as you treat the land with respect, you can enjoy the incredibly colorful and varied flora and fauna of the sanctuary. Your guide can show you all the best places to get photos of birds and native plants, and you can spend a day enjoying the peace and quiet while surrounded by the nature of Costa Maya.

Chunky Monkey Tours

If you are working on planning your Costa Maya vacation, we cannot recommend the Bacalar Lagoon highly enough! Whether you enjoy beautiful views, unique geography, animals, plants, or just a peaceful location to relax, Bacalar Lagoon has something for you. Take the time to come see all the beautiful shades of blue the lagoon has to offer.

Bacalar Lagoon Boat Tour

When you’re planning your trip out to the Bacalar Lagoon, we highly recommend considering our Bacalar Lagoon Tour. This guided tour is led by a local, so you can be sure you’re getting all the best and most accurate knowledge of the area. You also get the chance to go out on a boat and experience the water from every angle rather than being stuck on the shore!

If you’re the type to enjoy a good swim or soak, a guide to the Bacalar Lagoon is invaluable, as we can show you all the best places to take a swim. We work hard to provide you with the experience you want and are open to fulfilling any requests you may have, as we truly love sharing our home with those who have come to appreciate it.Call Chunky Monkey today to book your tour of the Bacalar Lagoon and make memories you will cherish forever!