We may be a bit biased, but we believe Costa Maya is one of the most beautiful places on earth, so we always want everyone to truly enjoy their time visiting us here. We understand that planning a vacation in a foreign country can seem intimidating, but with a little planning anyone can have a successful vacation or outing in Costa Maya.

Plan Ahead

The number one thing we recommend in order to have the best experience in Costa Maya is to plan ahead. After all, this area is very tourism-heavy, which means lots of visitors come to our shores each year and some of the more exciting experiences may get booked up way ahead of time. Planning ahead ensures you’re able to book all of the fun things you want to do without missing out on anything.

Another aspect of planning ahead is planning when to take your trip! While Costa Maya is fairly comfortable year round, you may want to plan your trip around certain weather — or possibly just to avoid hurricane season.

Do Your Research

This may seem to go along with planning ahead, but we thought it was worth mentioning on its own! There is so much to see and do in Costa Maya that it may seem overwhelming at first. That’s why we encourage visitors to do their research before they arrive, so you can decide what experiences take priority for you and which ones might be nice but are less pressing. Having a prioritized “to-do” list can really help when it gets down to the nitty gritty of making plans and booking tours and experiences.

Another part of planning ahead is taking into consideration what you’re going to need for being so far away from home! You’re likely going to need a passport, for example, as well as plenty of sunscreen and warm weather clothes. While Costa Maya is a tourist area where many residents speak English, it may also be helpful to have a Spanish phrasebook or to learn a few important phrases, just in case.

Personalize Your Experience

You know yourself better than anyone, so ask yourself: what sort of activities are you most likely to enjoy? Do you want to lounge on the beach, or hop on a bike to see the town? Are you one to enjoy snorkeling with wildlife, or exploring history in the local Mayan ruins? There is something in Costa Maya for everyone, so you can personalize your excursion to meet your tastes. Remember to take everyone in your party into consideration, and compromise in order to ensure everyone in your group has a great time.

Know Your Schedule

This may seem like a given, but we’ve seen it too many times — people get swept up in the beauty and excitement of Costa Maya, and they forget all about the time! Whether you’ve traveled here on your own or are here with a cruise ship, it’s important to be aware of your schedule and realistic about what you can and cannot fit into your timeframe. If you are unsure of how long an activity might take, don’t be shy about asking the tour guide for more information, or to let them know if you need to be back by a certain time.

Swim & Snorkel Tour In Costa Maya

Find the Right Tour Guide

A huge part of having a fantastic time in Costa Maya is finding the right tour guide company to spend your time with. Chunky Monkey Tours is a family-owned agency run by locals who truly love sharing their home with visitors. Choosing a family-owned tour guide agency helps ensure you’re avoiding the many tourist traps in the area. With us, you’ll have a fun, genuine experience that is personalized to meet your exact tastes. No matter which of our tours you end up taking, we will be proud to show you around and make sure you’re having a great time! If you would like to book a tour or experience with Chunky Monkey tours, contact us today. We would be happy to tell you more about our options and to help you determine which tour might be a good fit for you and your party.