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Chacchoben Ruin Tours and Tequila Tastings

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A jump in the past just a few miles from Costa Maya, Mexico

Chacchoben Ruins Tour From Costa Maya

A few miles away from Costa Maya Port, Chacchoben ruins are some of Mexico‘s least-known remains of the Ancient Mayan civilization.

Reserve now our Chacchoben Ruins Tour to explore this fascinating Mayan ruins site and its surrounding jungle.

What You'll see at the Mayan Ruins Site

Chacchoben ruins tour is a must if you disembark at Costa Maya cruise port.

Let yourself wonder with the amazing history of these ancient Mayan ruins. You’ll discover the ruins, such as the plaza, the temples, and the residential area, which were the pumping heart of the city.

However, today, most of the Mayan ruins site is still uncovered from vegetation growth and need restoration.

You’ll see the temples and buildings up close and appreciate how precisely the stones were placed one over the other. Back in the day, Chacchoben was a ceremonial center and pilgrimage destination for the Mayan civilization.

Chacchoben Ruins Tour

But the tour star will be the Gran Basamento, the Mayan ceremonial hub of the area. From there, you’ll see the jungle from the top and of Temple One, the astronomical hub of Chacchoben.

Moreover, you might spot exotic indigenous animals like birds, armadillos, and spider monkeys, which populate Chacchoben’s surrounding jungle.

During our private Chacchoben Ruins Tour, your knowledgeable English-speaking guide will walk you around the ruins site and tell you about the history, the tradition, and the local culture of Chacchoben.

Chacchoben shore excursion is a great activity to enjoy with your partner, family, or friends.

After the end of your adventure at the Chacchoben ruins tour, we will take you back to Costa Maya, where you can relax on the beach while enjoying local food and drinks.

What we know about Chacchoben

Mayans settled in this area around 1000 BC and flourished in the fourth century AD, but Chacchoben was abandoned for over 100 years before its rediscovery in 1942.

The Land of the Red Corn

The original name of the archaeological site of Chacchoben is actually unknown. Indeed, no inscriptions mentioning the area’s name were found to date.

So, the Mayan ruins were named after a village situated a few miles away. The name Chacchoben can be translated as “Land of the Red Corn” or “Land of the Red Maize,” which is, in effect, a variety of sweet corn very widespread in Mexico.

An alternative assumption is that “Place of the Red Corn” refers to the color that some stones used to be painted with.

Chacchoben Ruins Tour
Chacchoben Ruins Tour

Chacchoben Ruins Tour Overview

  • Pick up from Costa Maya Port at your arrival by cruise ship
  • Start of the excursion and transfer to the Chacchoben ruins site
  • Visit the Mayan ceremonial center, the plaza, and the residential area ruins
  • Time for shopping and rest
  • Transfer back to Mahahual village
  • Time to chill out at the private Chunky Monkey Beach Club and have lunch
  • Transfer to Costa Maya port by the cruise ship’s departure time

Mahahual, Mexico

Our excursions end at the picturesque fishing village of Mahahual, Mexico. Mahahual is the point of reference for anyone who comes to Costa Maya, a place where the local people still preserve Mayan culture.

When you jump off your cruise ship, you might wonder, “What’s there do here besides cultural excursions?”

Well, Mahahual, Mexico, has a lot to offer.

Other Activities to Do in Costa Maya, Mexico

Costa Maya lies on the shore of the Caribbean Sea, so one of the top things to do is enjoy yourself on the beach while admiring or swimming in the crystalline blue water.

Mahahual also happens to be an ideal spot for snorkeling in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. There you can have fun swimming in the pristine waters with sea turtles and exotic fish.

If you love more adventure, go for a sightseeing excursion to explore the city of Mahahual with an e-bike. You’ll be amazed by nature outside the village and the spectacular ocean view from high on the shore.

Have a walk on Mahahual Boulevard, and get to know the local culture by tasting food at traditional restaurants or simply talking with the local warm people.

Or pay a visit to the wonderful Seven Color Lagoon (Bacalar Lake), the hidden gem of Mexico, just a few hours away from Costa Maya.

Chacchoben Ruins Tour


$79.00 per adult         $45 per child

group minimum 2 people

  • Transportation to Chacchoben ruins from Costa Maya and return
  • Guided tour
  • Taste of best Tequilas in Mexico and access to the private beach club
  • Transportation to Costa Maya port by cruise ship’s boarding time
Chacchoben Ruins Tour

Option 1

Price: $99.00 per person

  • Transportation to Chacchoben ruins from Costa Maya and return
  • Guided tour
  • Lunch with traditional Mexican food & open bar at the private beach club
  • Transportation to Costa Maya port by cruise ship’s boarding time

Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellation is free of charge up to 8 days before your reservation date.
  2. Cancellation up to 6 days before your tour entitles you to get a partial refund (50%).
  3. No refund is allowed for cancellation 3 days or less before your tour date.
  4. You may cancel your reservation for any reason.

Useful Information

What to Bring?

Chacchoben Mayan ruins are in the jungle, so we strongly recommend bringing insect repellent to protect you from unpleasant stings.

Also, bring with you sunscreen and a hat to avoid sunburn (even if the weather is cloudy!).

Recommended outfit

Our advice is to wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants for better protection from the sun and insects. Also, make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.

What’s Included

  • Round trip transportation
  • English-speaking guide
  • Entrance fees to Chacchoben
  • Tickets to the Chacchoben Ruins site
  • Guided tour
  • Bottled water
  • Visit the Chunky Monkey Beach Club
  • Open bar

Not Included

  • Gratuities for guides/drivers
  • Copyright fee (5-8 $) for video recording at the ruins site (to be paid on site)

Chacchoben Tour Duration

The approximate duration of the shore excursion to Chacchoben ruins only is 4 hours (includes 1 hour per trip and 2 hours for the visit).


In this section we collect answers to the most popuar questions related to Chacchoben Ruin Tours.

Definitely, yes! Visitors love learning about Mayan history by seeing with their own eyes the cultural heritage of this great civilization. You shouldn’t skip a shore excursion to these ancient ruins if you have the chance and come from Costa Maya.

Unfortunately, no. Visitors aren’t allowed to climb up to the top of the Chacchoben temples. Yet, they can climb a few steps to take pictures.

Anyone with a decent level of health and fitness can join the Chacchoben ruins tour. Please note that there are some rocks along the trail.

Although we aim to be as much inclusive as possible, we don’t recommend joining the ruins tour to:

  • people with recent surgeries, heart or respiratory conditions;
  • pregnant women;
  • people with walking difficulties are not allowed to participate.

Yes, Chacchoben ruins are open from Monday to Sunday (8:00 am-5:00 pm). The archaeological site was inaugurated to the public in 2002.

However, as we mentioned earlier, not all the ruins at Chacchoben are restored and accessible to explore.

Yes, of course. There is a service area that includes restrooms, a cafeteria, and a shop for souvenirs.

The trip from Costa Maya (Mahahual) to Chacchoben lasts around 40-50 minutes by car (almost 44 miles).

Erik K.

Costa Maya has some great opportunities to explore Mayan ruins, along with other nice excursions on boat or four wheeler. If beaches are your thing there is a nice tourist beach at the port, and a nice local beach in town... Beautiful waters and extremely friendly people.

Spencer B.

Awesome, not for theme park that the cruise companies built, but for the amazing culture behind the front! If you're taking a trip here, absolutely visit the nearby ruins with a knowledgeable guide.

Michael A.

Fernando is a great guide. We had an awesome time. The ruins are incredible. Then he took us back to Chunky Monkey where we had a great lunch. The chef there is amazing. The view is absolutely stunning.

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